Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic Dermatitis (AD) is an immune disorder associated with loss of skin barrier function and itching. AD is caused by diverse mechanisms, spanning the spectrum of T cell-driven pathology. Comorbidities include contact dermatitis, food allergies, anxiety, depression, skin infections and asthma.

Approximately 90% of patients develop AD within the first 5 years of life. AD affects an estimated 5% of the adult population in the US, and approximately half of these cases are reported to be moderate-to-severe.

Standard of care includes steroids and topical medications, which help to treat symptoms but do not address underlying disease. Reducing disease activity, relapse rate, and treatment burden are key goals to help normalize patients’ lives.

At Astria, our work is fueled by patient insight and the aim to minimize disease and treatment burden. With STAR-0310, we believe we can provide patients with a preventative therapy that is more effective and dosed less frequently than currently available treatments – so patients have more time to spend on what’s important to them.